Nuova Folati for Social Initiatives

We are convinced that it is fundamental right of every person to be able to face with dignity, safety and with the right medical and social support, the challenges that life can put in our way like illnesses or disabilities.

Nuova Folati supports projects that aim to train clinicians in the area of rare diseases, and that help families in coping with periods of hospitalisation of their children. Besides we contribute to projects that foster inclusion and autonomy to improve the daily lives of those who are challenged by disability and diversity, as well as projects that are carried out by associations working to fight violence against women.

informatici senza frontiere


In a world in constant evolution, “Informatici Senza Frontiere” proposes a new use of more intelligent, sustainable and supportive technology, trying with the international community, to eliminate the digital divide and guarantee the simply form of democracy. In which every citizen can be an active part of the life of his own community and have all human knowledge at hand, together with the possibility of enhancing it. We have collaborated with “Informatici Senza Frontiere”, Rio de Oro (Macerata) and “Comitato Lotta” against world hunger (Forlì) in the donation of 15,000 washable and reusable masks for African countries.



A little-known disease corresponds to a disease diagnosed with severe delay. An early diagnosis allows patients with HHT (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia) to start prevention actions and screening procedures that can save their lives.

The project that Nuova Folati supports, aims to increase the resources allocated to help families with children and young people affected by HHT, by training 50 medical staff. We are confident that a constant commitment to the training of doctors will result in a reduced time of the diagnosis of this little known disease. An early diagnosis enables the patient to get prevention care timely, which could contribute to a more peaceful quality of life.

i bambini delle fate



Nobody chooses their own abilities, nor their own or their children’s disabilities. The Association "I bambini delle Fate" provides funds for projects and paths of social inclusion, managed by local partners for the benefit of families living with autism. The "Sporchiamoci le mani (let’s make our hands dirty)“ project, which Nuova Folati supports together with the Associazione Serenamente Onlus, devotes its efforts to the creation of an "Inclusive Playroom". The idea is to create a place where children with and without autism can play together constructively and where families can find a quiet and safe meeting place.



Children Italia is a project for scientific research, prevention and treatment of learning and behavioural disorders that guarantees everyone, even those with financial difficulties, access to a highly specialised service. The Association, in collaboration with the Bambino Gesù Hospital, Humanitas University Consortium and Lumsa University, helps children and adolescents with developmental disorders by fostering their inclusion in integrated diagnostic and treatment programmes, which include neuropsychological treatment, psychotherapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation, and educational activities (Technological Workshops).



Alamis Onlus is a non-profit, voluntary association. The Association promotes social, civil and cultural solidarity. We support a specific project for the rehabilitation and integration of 25 women, marginalised for various reasons, who are in Kerala, India, within a structure managed by the Association.


We support Cottolengo’s Little House of Divine Providence by providing free materials (HIP Bed System Range) for their facility.