Argo Team range

Products in this range make use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, through which it is possible to identify and manage flat linen, and guests’ and operators' personal garments. Sorting of dirt, allocation of the correct wash, return of the garment to its user, distribution, all this is executed quickly and easily, with no more mistakes!


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Rfid Tags

Applying RFID chips to garments is a quick and easy operation. In most cases it is done with a simple heat press, the kind used for the  wardrobe. The RFID tag will follow the entire life of the garment, providing at all times its location, history, the number of washes carried out and all the information that needs to be obtained.

Intelligent Shelves

Sorting clean garments is one of the most time-consuming and error-prone activities. Our Intelligent Shelves, connected to the system, quickly and intuitively support the operator in sorting the clean items that are ready for delivery. High brightness LEDs mark each compartment allowing the operator to sort items without error.

Smart Masks

This is the ideal solution for Nursing Homes or in general for facilities with on premise laundries. It offers the advantage, once the sorting phase has been completed, of delivering the garments to the guests, using the trolley directly without unloading or bagging the linen.

Argo Pro platform

The Argo Pro platform is the main software suite for managing operations in the Industrial Laundry and has been created to manage and therefore track the entire workflow of a garment in the laundry, from registration to delivery.

By using the Argo Pro software platform, industrial laundries can guarantee the correct management of flat linen for large facilities, complete control, even remotely, of the quantities of linen present in the laundry and of that that is with the customers (hospital, hotel etc.), all this supported by email alerts and Web reporting for production control.

The software gives the laundry the possibility to manage customers and facilities independently, without limitations and, within each facility, to define departments, users as well as their wardrobe or dressing.

Reading booths

The Argo reading booth is the ideal tool for laundries that handle large volumes of linen with Roll Container trolleys. The RFID technology used is UHF, which is the one best suited to mass reading. The structure of the Argo Booth has been designed to accommodate the traditional Roll Container trolley, normally used in laundries for handling linen. The Argo booth, connected to the system, will read the contents of the trolley and transfer all the information.