Covid-19 Protections

In response to the COVID emergency, we have used the relevant expertise to employ our supply chain for the production of specific technical articles.

The COVID-19 emergency reminds us that our planet must be respected for the good of all. A coherent response in healthcare must also be as environmentally sustainable as only washing and reusing can be!

Kronos-DPI. Gown for protection against infectious agents.

Our Kronos-DPI, certified in full COVID emergency, is a device to be used in risk environments. Kronos-DPI is certified by Centrocot (one of the world's most advanced certifying body) as Category III DPI (certificate no. CE1350200742-00-00 dated 02.11.2020). The CE marking can be seen on the label of each gown.

Kronos-DPI is made of a fabric that is impermeable to liquids, physiological fluids (blood, saliva, etc.), and therefore to pathogens carried by body fluids, as well as resistant to bacterial penetration. The complete product documentation shows all the tests carried out during the certification process. The Kronos-DPI gown is a product entirely made in Italy: 100% Made in Italy

Kronos Protective Coat

The Kronos Protective Coat is a washable and reusable item for total protection that is a quality substitute for disposable items. It is made of NF/Breath Polyurethane, a technical fabric that has been widely used in healthcare for years. It boasts outstanding technical characteristics: it is permeable to air, therefore breathable, and at the same time it is impermeable to liquids. These two features ensure the wearer's comfort and safety by guaranteeing "breathability" and at the same time protection from physiological liquids and other liquids of all kinds (blood, urine, saliva, etc.). NF/Breath polyurethane is also antibacterial and fungicidal.  NF/Breath is a real protective "Barrier": PVC free, Oeko Tex, Class I fireproof.

Soft and light, it can be washed and reused many times. Its name "Kronos" indicates its resistance over time, in contrast to its disposable counterparts, which fill up waste disposal centres.

The Kronos Protective Coat can be sanitised by sponging and withstands autoclave sterilisation. It is suitable for use in the health and in the food sectors.

NF masks. An effective and necessary protection.

The mask acts as a mechanical barrier against materials and substances. It prevents contamination to and from the user and it protects the respiratory tract from dust, liquids and other materials to which the user might be exposed during a given activity. Nuova Folati offers, in addition to the classic washable, reusable, breathable masks for personal protection, a medical facial mask Type I in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14683:2019.

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