This is a product range that Nuova Folati has had in its assortment for over 30 years. It consists of a series of washable and reusable items conceived as equipment for the hospital bed and for the comfort of the patient. The range includes sheets, duvets, heat-regulating blankets, pillowcases, mattress protectors, technical towels, etc., characterised by advanced technical properties and high quality.

With this product range we aim to provide a response of excellence to the demands of patients, healthcare staff as well as to laundry professionals who provide a high level of service to modern public and private healthcare facilities.

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Jersey bottom sheets

The use of Jersey bottom sheets offers numerous advantages: they guarantee comfort to the patient (the skin tolerates contact with the softer, more comfortable Jersey fabric much better), they ensure practicality (one nurse can make a bed in a very short time), they ensure savings in the handling of linen (these sheets cannot be ironed).

Thermocare Thermoregulating Blankets and Duvets

The Thermocare Blanket, like the entire HIP Bed System range, is designed specifically for healthcare environments: the micro-cellular structure of the fabric optimises body temperature and reduces compression on the body, making the blanket soft and pleasant to the touch.


The absorbent and waterproof underpads are the heart of the HIP Bed System range. The underpads protect the bed, guaranteeing the patient’s comfort and dignity. Their structure ensures transpiration and microcirculation of air, so assisting, from a medical point of view, to prevent the problem of decubitus.

In Latex Free PVC, in breathable PU, with wings and without, with different absorbency capacities and sizes these products are designed to meet the needs of the health care facility and of the individual patient… the range is vast!