Trolleys and transport systems

We support the organisation of the logistics of industrial laundries, hospitals and healthcare facilities with a wide range of products. To make the various activities carried out by laundries operators faster and more functional, we have created a range of trolleys that suits all needs.

Trolleys for Hospital Logistics

This product range includes all trolleys designed and manufactured for hospital logistics,  and used in the handling of dirty and/or clean linen. Examples range from cupboard trolleys with one or more shelves for transporting clean linen or storing it in the wards, to convertible trolleys for transporting bags of dirty linen. On top of the many products in this range, we can supply trolleys made to order. Invariably made of light alloy, the trolleys comply with all current health regulations.

Roll Container Trolleys and their Covers

Our range of Roll Container Trolleys has been designed on purpose for laundry use. These trolleys come in a variety of finishes (such as tear-proof or reinforced bases), of sizes and types (standard or narrow mesh, rubber or polypropylene wheels, and so on). We manufacture, to measure and according to any customer request, internal and external covers (simple or customised, reinforced or standard)… in all the colours of the rainbow.

Bag-holder Trolleys

These are modular bag-holder trolleys (1 to 4 places) made with a white shockproof plastic base, a bag ring and light alloy uprights. The trolley is firmly secured to the base through a component made of galvanised steel. The bag locking ring is complete with 4 non-slip rubber elements that allow the bag to be firmly secured. Always complete with lid and opening pedal, each trolley is equipped with coloured sticker kits to distinguish the contents. The trolleys are provided with swivel rubber wheels with a diameter of 75 mm.

Tub Trolleys

These trolleys can be simple or with a movable bottom, they are made of light alloy for specific use in industrial laundries. They are provided with a blue PVC upper bumper and 125 mm diameter non-marking rubber wheels. Trolleys in the most commonly requested sizes are available for immediate delivery.