Our Brands


Quality Service

This is the brand that identifies the Service supporting all our Product Ranges; our Quality Service is always guaranteed by a trained Team of Technical Salesmen and Specialised Technicians, present throughout Italy. This capillary presence ensures timely and effective interventions.


IMAT Technical Service

IMAT is the new Technical Service of Nuova Folati. With the acquisition of the IMAT business branch, which has been operating in the industrial laundry sector for over 30 years, Nuova Folati's Technical Assistance Service evolves, becomes stronger and expands.


Green Power

Green Power is the revolution in ironing. The Green Power treatment ensures: better ironing quality, higher ironing productivity and energy savings.
It is a patented product and a registered trademark of Nuova Folati SpA.


HIP Sistema Letto

It is the first Range specifically designed to meet the needs of both modern hospitals and industrial laundries.
It is a registered trademark of Nuova Folati SpA.


HIP Home

Professional sanitary linen, also available for home use.


WX Range

Range of waxes and accessories dedicated to the lubrication and cleaning of industrial ironing machines. Modern, ecological solutions with a high technical profile.
WX Range is a registered trademark of Nuova Folati SpA.


GAP System

GAP System is the Professional Seaming Service for industrial laundry: quality, efficiency,  and speed. It is a registered trademark of Nuova Folati SpA.



Our Nest STS Steam Traps represent innovation, energy saving, efficiency! They ensure maximum performance in the modern industrial laundry steam-systems. Nest STS is a patented product and registered trademark of Nuova Folati SpA.


Argo Team

The Argo Team system, using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, supports the traceability and management of garments and linen. Innovation serving the modern industrial laundry.