Dust control matting

Our dust control mats are beautiful, pleasant and functional ... a cutting edge product. These mats are an effective system that traps dirt from our shoes in its special fibres, keeping 80% of the dust out of the rooms we live and work in. Our mats are washable and solve both hygiene and dust related side effects.In fact, because of dirt, carpets deteriorate, synthetic and linoleum floors get scuffed, terracotta floors get damaged, sometimes irreparably, and furniture and furnishings get dirty, making maintenance difficult. We will help improve the image of your space and avoid deterioration. In many cases the mats can be used to cover damaged areas and thus avoid replacing the entire floor. Our range of dirt control matting includes a large number of colours, sizes and patterns, as well as a wide range of customisation possibilities.

Standard and Monochrome mats

IPH Standard mats are made in melange colours to camouflage dirt. Mats in nine different colours and in all sizes are available. The mats in the most popular colours and sizes can be delivered promptly.

IPH Monocolor mats are plain, you can choose the size and colour you want and they will be with you in no time!

Customised mats

Using your logo as an essential part of your company identity is a great way to promote your image and make you recognisable. It is possible to customise the mats with your company logo. These mats are made using the most modern and sophisticated printing technology. Designs can be reproduced using a wide range of colours and shades, and you can be sure that the result will always be true to the original.