Marking and personalisation

We are the leading company in Italy in the marketing of instruments and accessories for marking linen and workwear. We offer cutting-edge solutions to solve every need, from the simplest and most economical to the most sophisticated. We look abroad in order to introduce in Italy every useful and interesting novelty: we look for the best solution from every point of view.


We have been the exclusive representative for Italy of Thermopatch BV for over 30 years: a guarantee of constant quality and innovation.

In the field of wardrobe management, we offer advice on solving problems related to the handling of workwear: from compartment cabinet “Lockers” to garment identification and customisation systems.

Computerised Marking Systems and Heat Printers

The permanent identification on garments is one of the primary needs of Health Care Facilities. It is important to identify the personal garments of the Health Care Workers (doctors, nurses, etc.) or of the Guests of the Facilities (RSA, CDR, CDC, etc.) both because of compliance to regulatory requirements and because of the respect of the patient.

Our marking systems ensure that identification labels can be produced and applied easily, quickly, efficiently and with great graphic flexibility. We offer various solutions for small and large quantities.

Our heat transfer printers guarantee:

  • fast printing
  • excellent readability and durability: the label applied will last for the entire life of the garment
  • consistent print quality.

Heat Presses

Heat Presses are essential for the application of emblems, labels, repair tapes and patches and more generally for all the stickers and transfers in our range.

Our heat presses are provided with control systems that ensure quality, consistency and precision. The presses are fast and reliable, and are equipped with energy saving systems. The range includes manual and pneumatic machines with 1 or 2 plates in various sizes, so as to meet the most varied demands of commercial and hospital laundries.

Temporary and Permanent Marking

In the area of temporary marking, the machine Y-151/T makes it possible to apply a label to incoming garments in, for example, a hotel laundry, and then identify them at the end of the washing and ironing process. The clear, easy-to-read labels enable sorting at the end of the cycle and can be easily removed when the clean garments are returned to the customer. Both tapes and inks are resistant to water or dry cleaning and are available in various colours and thicknesses.

In the area of permanent marking, the Deco Printer 2000-T and the Deco Printer Junior make indelible marks on the garments through an extremely rapid process (fraction of seconds). These are solid, versatile machines designed for large-scale jobs.

Fiberoll System

The best way to create identification labels for temporary marking. Go after the old system.
With our Fiberoll System, it is possible to create simple and resistant labels for the laundry or dry cleaners at the moment. The Thermopatch Fiberoll System is indicated for the temporary marking of garments for dry cleaning or traditional cleaning.

Heat-sealant backings and inks

The thermoseal tapes are made utilising different backings and have the characteristic of having a smooth and homogeneous surface, which helps to ensure perfect and long-lasting legibility.  The range of products is vast: HiQ, Hytex, FasTag, Miniprint, Plytex, etc., so to meet the most diverse needs. Contact us!

Thermal transfer ink and a thermal bonding backing with a smooth polyurethane surface together form the heart of the HiQ System. Indelibility is guaranteed: ideal for numerous intensive industrial washing cycles.

We offer a variety of Tapes and patches made of heat-sealant material that solve repair and colour-coding needs: endless possibilities!

Emblems of all kinds

In today's world, the identity of a company must be particularly strong. In the abundance of images, it is your company that must stand out. That is why it is important to apply  your logo wherever possible. Uniforms must be considered in the company's identity plan. We produce all kinds of emblems with the logo of your choice: the result is always beautiful and faithful to the original. The range includes Reflective, Flame Retardant, and High Visibility emblems in response to the most specific requirements.

Badge holders and stain-resistant pockets

With these products we respond to the needs of those who use identification badges in the sectors of industry, health care, civil service, and so on.  The badge replaces the obsolete system of the metal tweezers, which are uncomfortable and unreliable for everyone as they often come off, get lost, or get turned around. With the badge holders, all this is now a thing of the past, and not only that... thanks to the stain-resistant pockets, we can protect the shirt pocket from pen and marker ink, solving a well-known problem in the laundry sector! It is often impossible to remove ink leads to the loss of a garment, even though it is in good condition.

Compartment lockers

The compartment lockers “Lockers” provide a solution for the delivery and collection of clean and dirty workwear. The lockers are available in a range of dimensions and capacity with 5, 8, 10, 15 and 20 compartments. Each compartment is intended for one user. Each locker has a special locking device at the front: each compartment opens separately from the others and is fitted with either a double key or a numeric combination lock. A second frame allows all compartments to be opened at the same time, making it easier for laundry operators to deliver and pick up. The same series includes a general collection cabinet for soiled garments.