IMAT Technical Service

imat Thanks to our long activity in the sector of industrial laundry, we have gained significant experience and expertise in servicing ironing machines. Our aim is to assist our clients, in Italy and in Europe, with increasingly specialised knowledge.

The Technical Management is entrusted to Piero Bazzoli, who coordinates a team of qualified professionals with proven experience in the sector.

IMAT Customer Service

- Installation of External Covers and Springing;
- Diagnostic support for Ironing Lines;
- Specific assistance to ironing machine manufacturers;
- IMAT is present in Europe and Brazil for diagnosis and specialised assistance.

IMAT Elite Service

- Scheduled Preventative Checks;
- Specialised technical assistance on ironers;
- Sale of spare parts for ironers that are not of the latest generation as well as for ironing machines that have been modified with parts made by brands that no longer exist.

SEM Ironing machine efficiency systems

State of the art systems at the service of Ironing machines .... starting with those powered by diathermic oil.

Energy efficiency consultancy specifically for industrial laundries

It will be our pleasure to put our team of experts at your disposal. They will listen to your needs and suggest the most modern and up to date energy efficiency solutions for industrial laundries.

Thermopatch Official Technical Assistance

We offer assistance on site, performed remotely or through the provision of "courtesy machines" on all devices (printers, heat presses, etc.) used for marking and thermofixing manufactured by Thermopatch, which we have been representing in Italy for over 40 years.