Waxes and cleaning


The WX Range of products brings together a number of items specifically designed for the waxing and cleaning of ironer chests. This range of items has been created based on Nuova Folati’s expertise and years of research.

Wax is of fundamental importance in the ironing process. Its task is to lubricate and clean, however it must not leave any residue, neither on the felts nor on the ironed linen. The wax must also have the appropriate operating temperature for its use, which is why for each product there are specific instructions.

The secret to good ironing is that the machines have clean and well-lubricated surfaces.

Waxes and cleaning products include: Detergent Lubricating Waxes, Detergent Paste, Spreader Cloths and Cleaning Accessories.

Detergent Waxes

IRON WX 918, IRON WX 919 and IRON WX 924 are our natural, vegetable-based waxes. They do not carbonise, they leave no residue and ensure the homogeneous lubrication of the ironing surfaces. These three types of wax have different properties to suit the various operating temperatures of the ironers.

The range also includes other Waxes, Cleaning Pastes and Lubricants so to meet even the most specific demand.

Cleaning and spreading cloths

Cleaning and waxing are fundamental operations that must be carried out regularly, at the right time and in the right way, but above all using the right equipment.

The spreader cloths come in various sizes and types and are designed for ironers or ironing lanes of any size operating at high and standard temperatures. The cloths can also be custom made.

Cleaning cloths of different sizes and types: C.L. BRA cleaning cloth, C.L. Special, TELBRA, Telbra Plus, Brush cleaner...the cleaning of the ironer is an important task that needs specific equipments!

Other cleaning accessories

The Waxes and Cleaning range is completed by a series of small accessories, including the LUSTRO CLEANING GLOVE, a cleaning kit that provide valuable support for the cleaning of the ironers.

Spider Clean - Patented by Nuova Folati

A new accessory of the WX Range and a patent created by Nuova Folati, Spider Clean is the solution to the problem of blackening of the felts in correspondence of the portions of the roller that are little used. These portions are normally the sides and sometimes also the central areas in the space between one ironing lane and another. Spider clean is installed at the identified points when replacing the external covers. It is equipped with an efficient fixing system using a very special velcro strap designed to resist heat and traction.

Spider clean works constantly, keeping the chosen area clean.

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