The handling of linen plays a primary role in our sectors: we support the logistics of Industrial Laundries, Hospitals and Health Care facilities in general by offering a large choice of bags. In order to make the activities carried out daily by laundry staff in health care facilities faster and more functional, we have devised a range of bags designed with specific purposes in mind. These include bags for collecting and transporting both dirty and clean linen, bags for safety washing, bags for distinguishing the linen users, and so on.

Ulisse bags

Transporting clean and dirty laundry is one of the most important aspects of a laundry business. The Ulisse Bag makes this activity easy, professional, safe and environmentally friendly. The Ulisse bag is made of heavyweight 100% polyester fabric, which is unshrinkable and allows easy washing; moreover, polyester is breathable and lets air go through its structure. This ensures that damp textiles (napkins, sponges, sheets, etc.) breathe and do not form mould as it happens with plastic. The Ulisse Bag offers a number of advantages: it is easy to fill and empty, and it is easily transportable. With the use of colour coding, it is possible to sort the type of laundry it contains. The bag is customisable and can therefore be used to enhance the image and professional identity of the company.

In addition, by using the Ulisse bags with the bag trolley, the laundry managers can suggest their customers to sort the linen directly. The customers will have a tidy and clean room (no more tablecloths on the floor, no more piles of linen collected in packs made from knotted tablecloths) and you will have your linen sorted ... which is a great advantage for both!

The bags can be customised with the laundry logo or any other inscription: the journey of your bag from and to the laundry can be the vehicle of a great advertisement!

Polypropylene bags

Commonly used in laundries, these bags are made of a very strong polypropylene fibre. The seams are specially designed to withstand the weight of dirty or clean linen. We offer two models: tubular and gusseted (the latter with a drawstring at the opening). Both models come in various colours and with the possibility of customisation.

Soluble bags

These bags are designed for the handling of infected laundry and for safeguarding staff and patients. The handling of dirty or infected laundry is one of the most important aspects of the laundry business. The Soluble Bags allow to do this safely, professionally and easily. This type of bag has been specifically designed for use in industrial laundries operating in the healthcare sector. Made with total respect for the environment, this bag is a product free of plastic and derivatives.

The bags in this range are available in both hot (65°C) and cold (25°C) water soluble versions. They are provided with their own red water-soluble closure, if the bag is hot soluble, and blue closure, if the bag is cold soluble. The bags are packaged in convenient rolls from which the operator tears away a new bag each time to use it.

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Crest Dacron

The Crest Dacron bags are made of a net of 100% polyester and with 8 mm holes. These bags are absolutely unshrinkable and have excellent temperature resistance. They are designed to be machine-washed directly with the linen they contain. The bags are available in various colours and equipped with a range of fasteners (like for example: NF button sewn directly onto the bag, spring buttons, pins, and rubber laces). Also available in a zipped version with an identification label sewn onto the side. This bag is ideal for separating personal items (of hotel guests, or of hospital patients, for example) to be sent to the laundry.

Open Bags

The Open Bags are designed for transporting dirty linen directly to the washing machine. They are ideal for use with bag trolleys. The bags open by themselves during washing because of their butterfly closure (sewn onto the bag), which the operator can easily release at the moment of loading into the washing machine. They are made of 100% unshrinkable polyester and have great temperature resistance. The bags are available in white with coloured band, coloured with coloured band, or customised.