Our history


Nuova Folati is founded as a sole proprietor firm by Salvatore Cafaro. In the 1940s and 1950s the firm’s activity is limited to the sale of detergents in the community and artisanal laundry sectors.



Following the example of Northern Europe, the sole proprietor firm is transformed into a company able to offer a complete range of products necessary for the development of the modern laundry business.



Around 1970 the industrial laundry is born. The company's prospects expand in parallel with the advancement of the ironing sector. Nuova Folati distinguishes itself with the introduction of padding and external covers for ironing machines.



The company, now provided with a modern and spacious facility in the industrial area of Fiano Romano near Rome, obtains the ISO9001 quality certification. This confirms the validity of the services that Nuova Folati is able to offer and the importance that quality has in the company's policy.



At the forefront in Europe, Nuova Folati continues to grow and to look ahead incorporating concepts such as energy saving, respect for the environment, and research: the true bridge to the future.



At the start of the new decade, Nuova Folati is transformed into a company limited by shares (SpA): a renewed guarantee of the company’s reliability, technical expertise, and innovation, on which the support that Nuova Folati offers to its partners in Italy and Europe is based.