External covers and padding

In cooperation with the world's best companies, we design and manufacture the most modern external covers and spring-loaded covers for ironers, calenders, presses and cabinets used in industrial laundries. Thanks to the wide range of products and to the knowledge we have gained over the years, we are able to identify the appropriate solutions through which improve the performance of the ironing machines and the quality of the outcome for the end user . We offer specialized technical support and a network of competent application technicians-salespersons, who are always available and keep up to date. Modern ironers are becoming more and more efficient, in response to a more and more ambitious productivity demand. Our external covers and springing, as well as Airbags and Covers for ironing units, meet even the most demanding requirements. Thanks to our many years of experience, to our extensive and constant activity and continuous research, we bring solutions that are in keeping with the current demands.

External Covers

The External covers range is vast as it aims to fulfil every need: these products offer quality, performance, durability, specialization, customization, and can be tailor-made to suit specific machines. The covers in our range are made by the best factories in the world to our exclusive design.

The GREEN POWER patent enhances the added value of our specialization in technical ironing felts.


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External Covers

Springing and covers

A high quality springing is essential for the correct and best functioning of an ironer. The springing must have a homogeneous surface, it must ensure constant pressure, and it must have the ability to “hold the padding in place”.

ico freccia c2Springing and covers

Various covers for ironing units

In our packaging department, we produce covers for all ironing units: from the oldest to the most modern. Our memory includes a wide range of models. If the requirement is special or the model is untraceable, we can also reproduce and catalogue the cover from a sample. For the most recently introduced ironing units, we collaborate with the most prestigious companies operating in the field of ironing and pressing today. Kannegiesser, Kleindienst, Unipress, BMM Weston, and the most modern Mac-Pi Systems, our official partner, are but a few of the companies we team up with.

Tapes for Calenders – Ironing bands

We make  Tapes with Hooked Staples for ironing calenders. Thanks to a rich and reliable database, we can trace a large number of original dimensions or simply replicate tapes to be replaced on the basis of your indications and requests. Danube, Dubix, Imesa, Electrolux ... we can make tapes for all types of calenders.