Guide Tapes and Tape Matic

The linen guide tape is an essential laundry consumable when we talk about ironers. This item,  is of primary importance and technically sophisticated.

The right linen guide tape, properly installed, can have a major influence on machine output and productivity.

There is no such thing as the right tape for this or that ironer, there is the right linen guide tape for specific operational situations. For this reason, our range is extensive and includes guide tapes of different types, both in terms of composition and “‘construction".

Among these are a number of “historical" guide tapes of our own design that we have been manufacturing for years.

We are happy to make ourselves available for a joint evaluation with the customer, if necessary.

Our Tape Matic Mini and Cordless machines for ultrasonic welding of linen guide tapes are the flagship of this product range.

Linen Guide Tapes

Available in a variety of heights and structures, the linen guide tapes in polyester meet medium durability and quality requirements to avoid leaving marks on the linen.

This is the most appreciated type of linen guide tapes. Designed by us and revised periodically these tapes come in numerous models with differing construction and structure. Item in this range include: Ter Dupont, Ter Fix non Mi allungo, Ter Numero 1 First, and many more.

In Aramid
Ideal for operations in extreme high-temperature and cut for the most discerning washing professionals, this range includes “historical” products such as the Japanese-made Ter Azuma, whose durability is superior to that of any other tape.

Tape Matic Mini and Cordless

Our Japanese welding machines, manufactured by our representative SAN-AI, are well-known and popular throughout Europe and beyond. The machine operation is ultrasonic. This method of welding allows a significant extension of the life of the linen guide tapes. A careful analysis of your operational routine combined with the correct use of the Tape Matic will ensure great savings in terms of the wearing of the tapes, and, mainly, will help avoid machine downtime and unforeseen events. Ask us for a trial!