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Max Press is the evolution of the traditional spiral spring: we applied a “ flat and hooked cap” on top, which allows many advantages… and makes it good value for money

Max Press

Higher ironing quality, more efficient and faster
The cap offers a wide ironing surface and its pressure on the linen allows an homogeneous heat transfer. The perforated base band ensures a good suction.
Thanks to its shaped band, Max Press absorbs tension uniformly.

More stability of the fixed felt
The special hooks on the caps make the external covering well steady and the substitution of the felt is much simplified. Every single hook, catches hold of the external covering and it will no longer slip.
The felts are simply installed by winding them around the roll of the ironer, even when this is hot, without tying nor fixing them in a different way,  with consequent minimum time invested.

Quality materials     
Made of galvanized steel, it winds around the rolls of the ironer with maximum adherence. The entire spring padding withstands  maximum pressures. It is available in different heights to be installed on every ironer and meet any requirement.

It is easily possible to carry out secure junctions; this allows both fast repairs directly on the ironer, and the use of every part of the spring, avoiding wastes.



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