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Your ironer machine can guarantee 20% more productivity under the same consumptions and working force.

Lamina Press Inox

What is the efficiency level of your ironers?
If your ironer offers lower performance than the official standards/parameters, the most common cause is the state of the spring padding.

Great efficiency, great productivity and high quality
The LAMINA PRESS spring does not lose its thickness; its pressure is uniform and constant thus major ironing efficiency and production speed is guaranteed.
When the work is finished, well ironed edges and surfaces without creases will be the result.
The installation of LAMINA PRESS is an important improvement for the ironer and it guarantees to experience the productivity increase at first hand immediately after fitting it.

The LAMINA-PRESS springs are the solution to the flattening of the spring padding. LAMINA-PRESS preserves 100% the original dimensions of the roll’s diameter. Moreover thanks to the lamellas, the surface grants a uniform pressure and offers a wide area for the heat transfer. Therefore it is not necessary to use a heavy or thick felt: a thin covering insulates less, lets the machine breath more,  it allows a higher heat transfer.

The substitution of the coverings is simplified     
Each single hook placed on the lamellas , catches hold of  the external covering very strongly:  it will no longer slip.
The felts are installed simply by rolling them up around the roll of the ironer, even when this is hot, without tying nor fixing them in a different way,  with consequent minimum time invested.



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