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To operate at one’s best with your ironer, guaranteeing productivity and ironing’s quality and to preserve in the best way the spring padding, external covering and chests,  use the right waxes.  


The wax and its usage

The wax and its usage
The wax has a fundamental importance during the ironing process. Its task is to lubricate and clean the ironer’s chest . At the same time it must not leave any residuals  neither on the felts nor on the ironed linen. The wax must also have the running temperature suitable to its usage, for this reason there are specific indications with respect to these values.
The secret for good ironing is to have a surface clean and well lubricated , in this way it lengthen also the life of the felt.  A BADLY lubricated chest causes friction, it doesn’t allow a good ironing result on the product but above all it contributes to  an early wearing of the linen besides the external covering.
The composition of the wax is of fundamental importance:  the right wax must be chosen for every usage:

  • If a wax melts rapidly it does not perform its task of lubricating the whole ironing surface ( from the first to the last chest)
  • If it melts too slowly can leave residuals , but above all it can block the suction’s passages , and reduce remarkably the productivity results. A good wax must burn the least possible otherwise it may end up in a short term  having a dirty chest and ruined felts.

KARAGAMI WAX           
Colour :  milky white
Packed in: drums  25, 45, 113 kg  or bags 25 kg.
Small flakes wax , lubricant for ironing surfaces, to use for temperatures up to 180°C.
Code BC17      in powder
Code BC23      in flakes         

Colour : milky white
Packed in: drums 18, 45 kg. or bags 25 kg.
Lubricating wax , antistatic.  Its use is particularly suitable for ironers which reach high temperatures ( from 180°C up to 210°C). The flake consistency facilitates the usage because it won’t  slide from the felt to end up “over the user’s feet”.
Code BC18      small flakes    



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