It comprises of three groups: labelling concepts, heat seal, uniform technology for industrial laundry. We are the leading company in this field ( We are partner of Thermopatch Corporation, worldwide leader), with up-to –date solutions to  solve any need of marking, from the easiest, quick and economical to the most sophisticated.

We look abroad to catch any useful and interesting novelties: if what you ask is not in our catalogue, it’s because it has not been created yet!

We offer you our assistance to find the best solution both technically and logistically.

We are the exclusive distributor in Italy for:

Label Products

Identity Products


Permanent Marking

Workwear: we offer you the possibility of your own labels, with the easiest means to the more sophisticated ones for demanding productions. We offer you computerized, modern and functional systems, training and technical assistance all along. For what concerns the novelties, we point out the HIQ4 and the HIQ Junior Plus.

Garments: (sheets, table cloths, etc..): we have solutions suited for smaller requests, as transfers, and systems for more demanding jobs as the Deco Printer DP 2000 T.

Thermo-seal machines: we offer machines for any kind of job, from the manual Penguin to the newest, automatic, pneumatic, double plated NL15 Mammoth.

Temporary marking

Solutions for both small and larger volumes of work: Y150 and Y300. Our machines use only no-toxic supplies, in respect of the actual environment regulations.


We solve problems due to health care identification (doctors, nurses, etc..), company’s image, for any other kind of job, as well as advertisement.
We pay attention to the production procedure, following you from the creation of the logo to the production of the emblems.

…and more!!
Do you need anything in particular? Contact us and we will solve your problem.



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