This product line includes all trolleys designed and made for organizing Hospital Logistic. Trolleys for dirty and/or clean linen, sterilization and other specific transport need between laundry and hospital or simply inside the hospital: trolleys for the distribution of medicines on floors or to transport dirty linen, collector trolleys, trolleys with shelves for sterilized kits and much more.

According to your specific needs, we can also design and produce any customized trolley.

We are the exclusive distributor in  Italy for:


Cupboard trolleys for containers holding

We have available a range of W105 in various columns for handling sterile kits for surgical instruments ecc… The range includes a large variety of stainless steel and ABS  shelves, transparent and coloured baskets ecc…

The handing of dirty and clean linen

Our W105 cupboard trolleys for the distribution of clean linen also directly to the floors, are available in different sizes and our trolleys W171/S for the collection of dirty linen bags, for the exchange with the laundry. We are also able, on request, to carry out particular productions.
All what concerns our standard line of  trolleys in standard sizes has ready or very short deliveries.
The range is completed  by a valid line of accessories: standard and anti-theft locks, tow bars, identification card holder, brakes, motorization ecc.. ecc…

W 105 Car-In-Car

Special trolleys designed and produced for the sterilization and the transport of the kits from a sterile area to the operating theatre. Of this  very high quality product we have available the entire system, that is a cupboard W105 for the transport , internal framework and a transport trolley for transferring the internal frameworks. Ask us for advise: we study projects for the solution of specific needs.

Multi-collector trolleys

Trolleys with one, two, three or four modular collectors, with covers and pedal and an efficient color code differentiation system.

…and more!!
Do you need anything in particular? Contact us and we will solve your problem.



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