We propose a wide range of comfortable, breathable, waterproof and reusable multi-layer: pads, mattress covers, bibs, pillow-cover, no-iron sheets and pillowcases, etc.
The HIP line, ensures maximum comfort and respect for the dignity of the patient as well as organization saving cost and safeguarding the environment.
The Hosp-I-Pant line is the best solution in the world in medical waterproof healthcare textiles and we have been the first to introduce it in Italy.
Our Manufacturing Department provides you, besides our standard products, customized solutions for all your needs.
The system we offer to our customers is based on three main principles which determine the success for operators and users: comfort, saving and Know-how.

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The waterproof  and absorbent pads are the Hosp-I-Pant Line core. They are always made with several layers (two or three layers, it depends on the model) to protect  beds  and ensure comfort and dignity of the patient.
More over, the characteristics of transpiration and microcirculation of the air, proper of each pad, offer from a medical point of view the possibility to prevent the decubitus problems.
The latest novelty within the Hosp-I-Pant range of  re-usable and washable pads is SILVER BIO, breathable , antidecubitus , antibacterial , and with an Odour control system.


Bibs are available in three versions but can be also customized to satisfy special needs: special size, different design or fastener system... everything is possible  thanks to our Manufacturing Department.

No-iron sheets

This is really an innovation… the  No-iron sheets system is a new way to handle hospital bed linen.
It offers many advantages, starting from the patient comfort due to comfortable and soft fabric, assuring guaranteed time saving.

Waterproof mattress cover and pillow cover

The Hosp-I-Pant range  includes waterproof mattress covers and pillow covers with special materials.
They are able to protect beds and ensure total  hygiene and comfort to the patient, as well as high quality health care. The technical and most advance materials used ensure perspiration and microcirculation to save beds and pillows.
The whole range of  Breath F.R. is complete of  fire-retardant certification.

Patient gown

The latest introduction to the Hosp-I-Pant range  is  the Patient Gown NF/WILL in 100% polyester.

…and more!!
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