Nuova Folati and LCT – Laundry Computer Technics, propose here in Italy the most advanced automatic system to collect and distribute garments: logical solution and up to date, based on the most advanced technologies and the best management condition.
Work wear are distributed both on hanger (LINEA system) or folded (BOX system) and they both work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that it’s always possible to have a clean work wear set.
The system is based on a RFID technology, which allows to follow each single garment and user to grant a successful control of the wardrobe.
Very easy touch screen instruction, individual cards (other user’s card use is possible) and individual credit system to control the distribution in each wardrobe.
Reduction of the amount of equipped garments (no more lost garments), of area and people in charge, of time and money.
Better efficiency during replacement of garments, more transparency on the use of garments (you always know where the garment is), more collaboration with the laundry, and better use of the wardrobe both for the user and the people in charge in the distribution.

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LINEA - System on hanger

The Linea system automatically distributes work wear sets on hanger to order points, as easy as cash dispenser, where it’s possible to collect a new set and return the dirty one.
Thanks to a double belt rail, it’s possible to short delivery time and manage several request in one time.
Each hanger has got one piece therefore it’s only possible to request one piece of a uniform per time. It’s possible to  consider an automatic uploading action to reduce delivery time and people in charge to do it; it’s also possible to select which garments are to be excluded from the belt, as garment which have been used for a long time, those that have been washed several times, those that belong to people in holidays or ladies who have started maternity leave.
Both manual or automatic, the uploading is still quick and easy.

BOX AND ROTATING BOX - Modular folded system

The BOX system automatically controls folded garments on size.
This system is very similar to a rotating store. The front part is provided of several collecting points (according to the dimension of the system) and one ordering point where the user forward his request with his identity card. Soon after the system starts rotating and it stops when the requested garment will be at the collecting point. The user will find his garment behind the door with the flashing light above.
The uploading of the machine made by the operator is quick and easy.
The ROTATING BOX, has the characteristic of  keeping a fairly high stock capacity especially in relation to the space provided. The Rotating Box can stock n. 210 pieces which will than be distributed, taking up no more than 1 square meter of space and it can be extended to reach a capacity of 420 uniforms, increasing a little the volume. The garments must always be complete of chips. Also the dirty garments collecting unit takes up 1 square meter.
This system is suitable in hospitals in order to manage the surgery uniforms.


Another widely diffused and functional solution for the management of small wardrobes or wherever it is not possible an automated situation, are our Lockers. Compartment  lockers of high quality profile allow, thanks to a double framework system, the management of the wardrobe by the laundry with the full autonomy of the users. They are in different sizes and lockable.

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