Our range of cupboards and roll containers is specifically designed for laundries: tear-proof finishes, reinforced bases, available in different dimensions and types (with standard or narrow mesh, rubber or polypropylene wheels, etc.).

We also make tailored internal or external covers, personalized or not, standard or reinforced... in every colour of the rainbow and whatever the customer needs. Within our wide range we have many aluminium trolleys in many sizes and models... always ready for delivery.



Designed to fit on truck and according to the weight of your linen, with reinforced bases, bigger wheels and finish to avoid tears. Shaped and details accorded to any kind of use, as particular treatments to fight saltness. Water-proof and customised covers, made internally.
All alongside a wide range of accessories: rubber castors, rubber bumpers, card holder, coat hanger bars ecc. ecc…    

…and more!!
Do you need anything in particular? Contact us and we will solve your problem.



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