We propose the widest range of technical equipment for hospital and industrial laundry. Our range of products includes items selected among the best in the worldwide market or alternatively designed and made directly from us, thanks to the achieved knowledge in over sixty years of experience in this field.

Our Sales Department, is technically trained and available to help you taking the right decision according to your needs and to help you in solving any kind of problem. Relying on our experience, we can also create on request what you need.

Whether your need is for feeding bands, ironer tapes, lubricant waxes, laundry bags, closures, dust control mats or other products, we will give you the most reliable advice and high quality solutions.


Laundry bags

A wide range to be customized ! Laundry bags, laundry nets and polypropylene one; partially or totally hydro-soluble bags; special bags on request. 

Waxes and ironing surface cleaning

A good maintenance of the bed of the ironer is usually underestimated: it’s always right to use the right detergent, wax and cleaning cloth to keep it to the best of its functionality. We can help in choosing the wax, the ironing surface cleaning and the right cloth. In particular situations, our Manufacturing Department will create what you need.

Belts and hooks

For transport belts on feeding and folding machines.
We offer a wide range of belts of all makes and we can answer to your request in short times.
For what it concerns feeding belts, we can make them in all sizes
We offer to our customers an efficient belt fastening. You will confirm us the size and characteristics of  the  feeding belts you need and we will produce them in a fast and professional manner by using the best equipment and the best consumer goods (tapes, hooks, hinges and thermograph)… at a very interesting cost!!!

Ironer tape

We commercialize some of them, others we plan and produce in collaboration with international Producers: we provide with the most advanced solutions to guarantee, long lasting, ironing quality and less machine stops. There are many, and also in this case we can help in your choice.

Dust Control Mats

The technical dust control mats are a solution extensively used abroad , both in the industrial and commercial area (shops, restaurants, etc). They will allow the cleaning of your shoes by a system of twisted fibres which reduces by 80% the presence of  impurities in living and working areas , resolving both hygiene problems and those collaterals caused by dust on floors, furniture, etc…
Our range of dust control mats is provided with a large quantity of colours, dimensions and models, as well as having the possibility to be customized enhancing your Company image and your corporate brand.

…and more!!
Do you need anything in particular? Contact us and we will solve your problem.



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